What Attracts Women to Men?

Every man will ponder this question at some stage, and yet most will come to completely the wrong conclusion. Well the good news is, you’ve come to the right place for some help – and the answers may surprise you.

It’s actually quite astonishing how many guys simply do not understand what women really look for in a potential lover. What’s more, men who haven’t had much luck with girls in the past seem to give up, believing that they are just not ‘one of those guys’ who appear to draw women to them like a magnet. Well here’s more good news. The man who seems irresistible to women has not been given some gift from God, nor is he just ‘lucky’. The truth is, he just understands what attracts women to men and therefore knows all the right buttons to press when approaching girls. And guess what – you can be that guy, too.

Firstly, it’s important to dispel a couple of other myths. Women are not all the same. They don’t all want a tall, dark handsome man.

Just as your preferences are different to your friends’, so will theirs be. If you’re into computer games, for example, don’t think that will stop you from getting the girl of your dreams. You need to be true to yourself and never change who you are at your core, just because you feel you should. Also, aesthetics rarely play a part in sexual attraction. Sure, you want to be careful about the way you dress and make sure you smell good, but deep down, traits such as looks, money and power will come secondary to personality and the chemistry you have with someone.

Read on to find out how you can make your personality shine – and how to create great chemistry with the girl of your dreams.

Always play it cool

If you take away just one thing from here, make sure it is this one. Women are not attracted to men who are clearly trying to impress them or working too hard at capturing their attention. Girls love the thrill of a chase. What Nude girls by Hidden cams ONLINE! If you make it too easy for her, she simply won’t want to know.

Know who you are and know what you want

Women love a man who knows his own mind. Few want a man who is indecisive and appears to be a pushover. This is why men in a position of power are often attractive to women. It’s not the money or power they want, it’s that inner confidence and drive – both hugely attractive qualities. If you have a passion for something in life, don’t be afraid to share it. If you have varied interests, you will appear to your girl as an interesting and fun guy – again, this will increase your appeal immeasurably.

Have a sense of humor

If you’re with a girl you like, make sure she knows you have a great sense of fun about you. This does not mean acting the clown and being the centre of attention – nor does it mean trying too hard to be funny or controversial. Drop in the odd short joke if it’s appropriate, or make some humorous observations. A quick wit not only proves that you are a fun person to be around, it demonstrates intelligence as well.

Be aware of your body language

This is another common pitfall: men who aren’t aware of their body language can completely ruin their chances with a girl. Only 10% of all communication is verbal. The way we carry ourselves speaks volumes. If your body language is wrong, then no matter what you say, you could be perceived as weak or unconfident – two major turn-offs for women. Just learning some of the basics about body language can seriously boost your chances of success with girls. When you’re approaching a girl you like, always have your head and chest held high, shoulders back and hands out of pockets. Speak clearly and coherently. Smile and maintain great eye contact. Angle your body slightly towards hers. Lightly touch her arm, if you’re getting on well.

So whilst all women are different, the tips you’ve just learned can be almost universally applied. What’s more, they can all be easily acquired or honed, with a little practice. Now that you understand what really makes women tick, you are already several steps ahead of your friends and rivals in love!