Ways to Impress Girls

Top Ten Tactics Every guy out there has wondered at one time or another how to impress girls. Yep, we’ve all had a good laugh at dorks on TV trying to impress women, but how many of us can admit that when the time comes to turn on the charm, we are as clueless as ever? You’ve seen really bad examples of it and perhaps have even been one yourself. There are some really simple lessons to learn in impressing the ladies however that can win them over every time.

Girls like to be impressed. That’s fact. Also while were at it, clear your mind of any stereotypical ways that women like to impressed. Don’t pretend to be a bad boy and create a staged fight with your friend in front of the girl you want to impress. And don’t be the guy who buys a pair of $500 shades and starts wearing them 24/7 including during the night. Think a little bit and use your charm and personality to shine. There are many ways to impress girls, and some things will impress one girl, but not another.

So if you aren’t sure what it takes to impress girls, here are the top ten best ways—most of which are actually pretty easy!

1) Create interesting conversation: Here’s a shocker—if you have interesting things to say she may not only be impressed but actually interested as well. Many guys try too hard and sometimes it’s as easy as striking up a seamless and genuine conversation with a good flow to it between the two of you. Who knew?!

2) Be funny: Let’s face it because most of us knew this already—most girls love the funny guy! If you want to impress the ladies and keep them coming back, be funny! Not the type of funny where you are clearly trying too hard or where she doesn’t get your jokes, but the type that actually has a few classy jokes or funny interludes because all of that can go a long way!

3) Be sincere: Nothing is more of a turn off than being «that guy» that is slimy and anything but genuine. Be yourself, be sincere, and this is sure to impress her! Most women get hit on by guys on a regular basis, so if you want to stand out and actually impress her, then quit trying too hard and instead just be sincere and honest.

4) Show that you are actually interested in what she’s saying—even if you’re not: Nothing kills an initial conversation faster than looking off into the distance while she’s talking or doing something really stupid like staring at her chest the whole time that she’s talking. Show that you actually care about what she’s saying, even if you don’t find it all that interesting, and she will not only be impressed but want to keep chatting it up with you. Major win!

5)  Be well put together without trying too hard: There’s a fine line between being the guy that primps more than most girls and being the guy who comes to the bar in a ratty t-shirt—find your happy medium! You want to show that yes you actually do care about your appearance, but no you don’t take more time to get ready than she does!

6) Be generous—to her and her friends: If you’re at a bar and you’re really into this girl, then buy her and her friends a round of drinks. This goes a long way! Find a way to not  only be generous to her, but to her friends as well. That shows that you actually care and that you’re not segmenting yourself which can not only turn off many girls, but also her friends too which she will inevitably turn to for advice.

7) Be confident: This comes up all the time, but it bears repeating because it’s just that important. If you want to impress her and keep her interested, then show her that you are confident. This doesn’t mean cocky which many men mistake for confidence, it simply means being confident in your words and your actions. Major part of what women are attracted to!

8) Smile and actually mean it: Ever seen a guy flash one of those cheesy half smiles? Ugh, even you know that those are gross! Smile while you talk to her and look her in the eyes. Not only does this show sincerity, but it also immediately creates a positive vibe and that’s a great thing.

9) Don’t skip over the details: Notice things about her and point them out. Not in a creepy way like knowing too much about her purse or earrings, but just point out something that you notice about her. The color of her shirt, her hair, something distinct that will also show that you are interested without caring too too much.

10) Demonstrate that you actually have good manners: Nothing will cause a girl to turn around and run away faster than bad manners. If you interrupt her talking, are rude in any way, burp, or find some other way to demonstrate bad manners, you can quickly kiss your chances goodbye. Just be genuine and hopefully a big part of that is inherently good manners, because trust us when we say that she will notice!