The 7 Traits of a Guy They All Want

You see the hot women at the bar, and you are interested in her for a change. What is it about the guys that she’s interested in? How can you be that guy and not just be a «friend» or some guy that she doesn’t even give a second look to? The reality is that all hot women everywhere are pretty much looking for the same things in a guy. If you don’t believe this, check it out because you just might be surprised to see that much of what they’re looking for is pretty standard.

They want a good looking guy – This doesn’t mean that they want a guy that is better looking than them. They do however want to see that a guy takes some time with his appearance. This starts with the way you dress—be careful not to put too much time into this or else she’ll think you’re just too much. It also covers some of the fundamentals such as clipping the nails and being sure that there is no unwanted hair sticking out from your nose or ears. Put some time into your appearance because the hot girls will take notice of this first and foremost.

They all want a good sense of humor – Every woman wants the funny guy; it’s just a rule of thumb. They want a guy that’s funny in addition to other traits, but sense of humor has to be at the top of the list. This shouldn’t be a contrived sense of humor or appear as though you are trying too hard. It also shouldn’t include in appropriate jokes because you never want to take the chance of offending. They want a very natural sense of humor—they ultimately want to laugh!

They are after intelligence, but not a man that is too smart for his own good – Make no mistake—they don’t want a smarty pants. Don’t bore her with rattling off boring statistics or trivia. They do however want to see that you have some intelligence and that you can carry on a good conversation with them. This is important, so be yourself and show her that you have the smarts.

They want to be sure that you have good manners —that you could be the guy that they could take home to mom. Every woman is thinking about a guy in terms of if they could take her home to mom. This doesn’t mean that they want this right off the bat, but they are viewing you on this basis the more serious that it gets. So beware of this and always be sure to demonstrate your very best manners—this is one trait that can go a long way.

They want a guy who is confident, but not cocky – If you act like a cocky jerk, you can pretty much kiss your chances with that hottie goodbye. They absolutely want you to be confident and comfortable in your own skin. They don’t want you to brag or to come across as over confident though. Just be confident in who you are and that will show through—and she’ll gobble it up!

They are interested in a guy that is actually kind, and doesn’t just put on the front of being so – If you’re not truly a nice guy, then this may be a bit of a stretch for you. If however you can find it in you to be a nice guy and not to come on too strong, then that will surely win her over. This should show through from the moment you meet her and it should actually come honestly. So be nice, be kind, and watch even the hottest girl go «gaga» over you!

They want the whole package and don’t want to compromise – Okay here’s the way it goes—a hot girl knows that they are hot the majority of the time. Therefore they aren’t going to compromise or settle, at least not at this phase of their life. They want the whole package—the guy that is funny, cute, charming, and good to her. They want to see this come through in the first meeting and see it continue to go strong as you become more serious, assuming that you get to that point. Be yourself, pull it together and above all show her that you are the one that she should be interested in. Don’t let yourself be intimidated by how hot she is, because you have a lot to offer and need to remember that.