How to talk to girls

When you are trying to talk to a girl you may feel freeze and scare, but the more you think to talk to her or not you will be more scare and probably you will not do it so you should try to talk to her without thinking it too much, just do it; You may say the most stupid thing but if you don’t do it fast you may not sound natural and you will sound insecure. And as you keep practicing it you will learn how to approach a girl and loose the fear to do it, don’t worry to mess it up just think that is a game.

Now you will be wondering what opening line you could use. There are different types of openers:
Direct opener: are the ones that you tell her that you like her in some way, for example: Hi! I was really resisting to come and talk to you, but I couldn’t.

Indirect opener: an indirect opener are the ones that you ask for an opinion or you share a history with them, but you don’t express any sexual interest, for example: you may be start asking to her for an opinion like who lies more? Mens or womens? And then you tell her a history that you was arguing with someone about this.

The direct opener sometimes works, it depends on how you say it and how you do it. In one night you may say the same opener to 10 different girls and maybe one of them will say yes. The indirect opener is going to start a conversation in a friendly way with her and you will need to build attraction with her. If you want to know more about the indirect method you may read this book The mystery method.

What to talk about with girls?

Sometimes when we talk to girls we feel like if we are talking to a complete stranger, and we don’t feel comfortable about this situation, if you are not a talky guy you may be out of topics to talk about and you know that this is not going good. So how do you talk to strangers? Its sounds ridiculous but you can pack material to talk to girls, I mean you may read about topics to talk about with a girl, for example:

You may talk about traveling, places you have go or want to go.
Stuffs going on in your surroundings
For some strange reason they love to talk about horoscopes and tantric stuffs.
You may also find controversial topics like, who eats more? Men or women?
I love to see discovery channel and history channel you always find something there you may talk about.
T.V. shows

Try to avoid those unconformable silent moments by talking about different topics at a same time, also if you do this you will make her feel like a close friend, and guess what, this is going to make her feel more attract to you, and she will trust more on you.

How and when to flirt with a girl?

When you start to talk to a girl you will need to start to flirt with her as soon as you feel that she is comfortable with you, if you don’t do it will make her lost interest in you, and if you do it before you will make her feel uncomfortable and freak her away. You will need to work on your timing.

When you flirt with her you should go 1 step further and 2 back, what I mean with this? If you say to her that she have nice eyes, tell her before that she also have the hugest hands I ever seen. I know it sounds wear but it works! You will find more about this tactic in this books The mystery method, and double your dating. There are a lot to learn in this books that I can’t just teach you in one article, their technics are well funded and they work. So don’t hesitate to start reading this books.

Hope this article help you and you may be also interested in my other article how to get a girlfriend.