How to get a girlfriend

If we know how a girl thinks will be easier to attract her and make her your girlfriend, so let’s talk about how they think and then how to attract them and make them our girlfriend.

There is not an exact formula on how to get a girlfriend, but I will tell you that you can improve your skills to attract a girl, and if everything flows correctly you may be getting a girlfriend. Also before you start a relationship with someone you should know if she is the right one, as a girl will do it as soon as she starts to date with someone. When a girl sees someone, they evaluate him silently, you will no notice it. If you don’t qualify she will not even butter to waste her time on you and you won’t get even into the first date.

A girl choose carefully to who she is going to give her time, because in some way she is going to compromise to be with you and no one else. And a time for a girl is something very important because as a girl becomes older she is going to become less attractive; and harder is going to be to find a new boyfriend, and they know that. So that’s one of the reasons that getting a girlfriend becomes so complicated, usually women are always rejecting men and is not because they are mean; is just their nature as men natures is to try to seduce them always, they can’t be with all of them so they have to choose the right one.

Now that we briefly know how women thinks we can say that is not easy to be the one that she choose, but you and me knows that she always choose someone, and that one is the Alfa Male. Been an Alfa Male is not impossible, it only needs to be that guy that they are looking for or have the qualities that they look in someone, not all the girls wants the same things but there are qualities that they prefer, and one of the most important is security, why? They just want a guy that can make her feel secure and well protect; security includes a nice car, having money, have a nice job and been a confidence guy. Having money or good stuffs is not necessary the only thing a girl wants, there are others stuffs that attract them even more.

Let’s just go back to a time when money didn’t exist, when our ancestors have to hunt their food and the women stays at home taking care of the child’s cleaning, etc. The one that was consider the Alfa Male was the one that was a good hunter, the Alfa Male didn’t had to do anything to attract a women the women were attract to him just because he was the Alfa Male.

Now let’s go back to the present, we are not hunters but an attractive man is the one that can provide to a woman, a hunter in the past was the provider because he could get food to a women, now a days that have not change, is still the same. But in today’s economy, not everybody have money and is not necessary that you have to have tons of money to attract a girl, but it will be a plus and of course it will be easier to attract a girl. Just imagine that you have your own apartment, car and money to take her to a nice dinner; a girl will consider this a plus in man that have this assets, girls even know that they feel attract to this is things or most of them will say that they don’t care about material stuffs, but imagine yourself that you meet 2 attractive women with lovely personality, but one have an apartment and a nice car, and the other one results that she even have a work, with who will you prefer to be with?

And don’t misinterpret me when I say that money helps, you shouldn’t been around saying that you have a lot of money and you are a rich guy, this is just annoying, if you have money they will be find out about, don’t try to buy them with what you have. Just show her what you can do.

Is not a fact, but a women will consider to be with the guy that have more assets, so if you could be better than you are financially speaking it will help you a lot. But is not necessary the only thing that attracts women, yes it’s a plus but not the only thing that attracts them, so there are other areas that you may improve and those are how you dress and how you looks. And the other one is the social skills and attracting women skills.

Women love attractive guys and they never admit it, but trust me they do, and if you are not one at least try to improve how you look with a nice haircut, clothing and take care about your personal hygiene, and get fit. With only this stuffs you will get a great difference and you will look way better and feel better.

Your social skills should be the harder to change, because most of us are in the comfort zone, if you are naturally a social guy you shouldn’t have problems for attracting women, but if you aren’t, maybe you will be shy, insecure, antisocial, and have problems talking to people; you should try to change this. And definitely you will need to learn how to attract women.

Have you ever seen a guy that doesn’t looks so handsome and he is with the most perfect women you ever seen in your live, is only a guy with knowledge on how to attract girls that you maybe don’t have.

I know that our goal is to get a girlfriend, but before having a girlfriend we should know how to get girls, how to talk to girls, and finally how to attract them.
Attraction is key to get a girlfriend

When you meet a girl, they doesn’t wants to be your girlfriend; that is going to happen if they feel really attract to you, so if you meet someone your goal is not going to make her your girlfriend. Your goal is to attract her, and try to have sex with her, if you can get to this point she is going to be attract to you and maybe she will like to be your girlfriend. But remember, sex before relationship.

How to get girls?

Well there are lots of ways of meeting girls. You may meet girls in different places like: the park, gym, at work, at the school, at the park, in a party, at a disco, at a bar, etc.

The real question is what you should say to them, I just not going to tell you that you have to be yourself at least you are doing well with women. If you are not doing well with women is because you are doing something wrong on what you are saying or doing. This is a huge topic and I’m not a real expert on how to explain this but I will tell you that there is a community about this and I was on this a few years ago until I start dating with my actual girlfriend.

Some years ago I didn’t understand women, I was the romantic kind of guy that just will give everything for them, but the wear thing is that never works. So a friend tell me about this community that is about how to attract girls and that there are a lots of gurus that have study the topic of how to attract women and they have books, videos, seminars and tons of materials for learning how to attract women.

What to do now?

An article is just not enough for learning everything they have to teach us. We have a lot to learn on how to impress a girl, how to talk to girls, how to approach women, how to flirt, how to impress a girl, and how to be that attractive guy that they want.

I will tell you that this community is going to change your live as well it change mine, so I will recommend you to go to this links and read what they have to offer.