How to Date Women

My Secrets Dating women should be a lot of fun. So why is it something that so many men seem to find so daunting and complicated? Mainly, I believe, because there are some common pitfalls; things that guys get wrong time and time again. If you bear in mind a few of these ‘do’s and don’ts’, then you will immediately increase your chances of a successful, and hopefully enjoyable, dating experience. So here are my own tried and tested tips on how to date women.

Get to know her

Although they are people just like us, the male species seem to have a lot of trouble working out the fairer sex. The first mistake that many make is thinking that all women are the same. They are not; they all have their own personalities, their own likes and dislikes. Most men will try too hard to impress women by buying them drinks, taking them for expensive meals, buying them gifts; however this kind of behaviour does create attraction between two people – it generally just attracts the wrong kind of woman.

Instead, take the time to get to know your girl. Find out what really makes her tick. And use that information to treat her to small things which she will appreciate so much more.

Be original

Show your creative side and do something different for her; something that will appeal to her personality. If she loves a particular band, why not surprise her with tickets for a gig? Or one pretty failsafe option is to cook her a meal which you have thoughtfully created. Treat each woman like she is an individual; be interested in her and what she says, and never try to do anything phoney to impress her – it just won’t work.

Build rapport

Be a great listener. It shows your sensitive side and it also shows you are interested in a girl. Remember little details that she tells you and bring them up again in future conversations – she will be impressed, I guarantee it. And always retain a little mystery around yourself: putting your cards on the table immediately is a real turn-off. Instead, a little mystery is very alluring.

Show your intelligence

Girls love an intelligent guy. Think about some interesting conversation pieces you can use, just in case you ever run out of things to say. But make sure they are accurate and not too outlandish. That’s not to say you can’t challenge a girl’s opinion if you don’t agree with her, as long as your argument is well thought-out; it shows natural intelligence and women also love a man who knows his own mind!

Be yourself

If you’re hoping to build a lasting relationship, then don’t ever say anything that is not true, or act in a manner that is out of character. I know it can be tempting try and make things sound better than they really are, but if your relationship develops then the truth will eventually surface, and you could find yourself in a whole load of trouble. So when you ask a girl out, or if you go on a date, just be yourself.

This is probably the most important piece of advice of them all.

So there you have it. None of the above are too difficult to master, they just require a little thought.

Stick to the rules here and you’ll soon wonder why you were ever afraid of the dating game.