How to Become an Alpha Male Review

They say that desperation can lead to some remarkable discoveries, and nobody knows this more than John Alexander, author of the program How to Become an Alpha Male. You see John was stupefied by his lack of success with women. Despite attending a notorious «party school» and hanging out with all the right people, he found his aptitude for attracting females was almost non-existent. Sure he had a few dates, but seldom did any such events lead to sex or even attraction. Afterwards, he would spend hours following them around, serving their every whim; basically being their «whipping boy» just hoping this behavior might eventually lead to the bedroom. It never did, though, leaving him not only frustrated, but completely humiliated about the way he carried on. He knew there had to be a better way.

Fascinated by the «silent mind techniques» that many advertisers employ trying to make us buy their products, Alexander wondered if those same techniques could apply to the law of attraction. After months of research he discovered that not only did these techniques work, but the success rate was amazing. How to Become an Alpha Male reveals the secrets that Alexander uncovered, and presents them in an easy-to-understand format.

What is How to Become an Alpha Male?

Toted as the «lazy man’s way to easy sex and romance,» How to Become an Alpha Male is a complete program which will teach you how you can turn on your own magnetism and let the women come to you. In the same way that advertisers psychologically «trick» us into buying mountains of stuff we don’t need, this course shows you how to use those same techniques to convince women that they actually need you. Without lifting a finger you can instantly transform yourself from someone who is clingy and needy to someone who is confident and completely successful with any woman you desire.

What You Will Learn

With How to Become an Alpha Male you’ll never have to worry about sex and relationships again. Here are some of the things you’ll learn:

3 magic tricks you can use immediately to make women want to have «anything goes» sex with you.

A 7-step seduction system that will walk you through any encounter with a woman, from the first «hello» to the bedroom.

The 9 silent techniques that will magnetically attract women to you.

Why you should neve r take relationship or sex advice from another woman.

2 powerful first date secrets guaranteed to get you laid.

The golden rules for spending money on women.

The 3 things you should always avoid when meeting a woman for the first time.

How to Become an Alpha Male is not your typical dating advice book. You won’t find a bunch of complicated data sets or drawn out social theories. Instead, the course offers you a systematic and easy way to land any woman you want simply by making you appear irresistable.