How to Attract Women

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What is it that truly drives women wild?

And what is the answer to that all important question? How to attract women? What can you do to make yourself more appealing and be a guy that women love? If you feel like you just can’t crack the woman code and get inside your head, then you may need a bit of help.

Learning what it is that women find attractive and more importantly what drives them wild is an important element of picking up and attracting a woman. If you haven’t put yourself into their mindset, then it’s time to do so. With a bit of focus and uncovering all the right secrets, you too can be the guy that most women find desirable in no time at all.

She likes a little bit of a challenge.

The guys that present no challenge to a woman are the guys that will often never land the woman. They want a challenge, not a ridiculous or unreachable one, but a challenge nonetheless. They want to see that you play hard to get at times, especially at the beginning of a relationship. Don’t mistake this with playing stupid games that will just piss her off. This actually means that she wants to see that you will present a bit of a challenge simply to keep her interested, because that’s what she wants after all.

She loves it when you focus some undivided attention on her. There are times when she wants to feel like the center of the universe. Oblige her with some time only for her when nothing else matters. Focus in on what she’s saying, don’t let anything or anyone else distract you. Don’t do this all the time as it loses its appeal but she wants to know that you can and will put the world on hold simply to give her the undivided attention that she craves.

She loves it when you’re in business mode, and often finds that sexy.

Though she may never tell you that, she may find it super sexy when she hears you closing a deal over the phone. She doesn’t want you to have a better relationship with your Blackberry than you do with her, but she does like to see you in action sometimes. Have her stop by your office before lunch sometime.

Better yet have her come to your office to meet you before you go out for the night.

That way she can see you in true business mode and that’s a huge turn on for her.

She loves it when you listen to the silly little things she tells you. Picking up on the little details is one of the most important things a guy can do. If she tells you in conversation that she loves oatmeal cookies, then make or pick some up for her. If she talks about where she grew up or speaks of something of sentimental significance, then find a way to get her to that or revisit it with her. Women love it when they know that you are listening. They love it even more when you learn how to pick up on these cues and turn it into a memorable experience. So listen up and figure out the best ways to embed the details into everyday life.

She wants to know that other women want you, within reason that is.

This doesn’t mean that you should flirt with women in front of you.

This does however mean that she will relish the fact that another woman looks at you while the two of you are out and about. She may act differently, but deep down she wants to see that other women want what she already has. Just be careful with this because if you try too hard then she will be angry and turned off by the antics.